Tulips and Bottle (detail), oil painting by Alyn Fenn



Joining the Mizen Artists' Directory is simple, inexpensive,  and straighforward.

Now only €50 to join, no further subscriptions or fees!

The Mizen Artist's Directory is open to all artists and craftspeople who work, exhibit, or live in the broad County Cork region to join.  It will provide you with an exclusive internet window for your work at very low cost.  Joining is very simple.  You supply the text and the pictures, and I will build and publish your web page within our directory.
The artists' personal pages will follow a common format.  Please look at other artists' pages on this site to see what your page will look like. You may submit images of your work, a picture of yourself, biographical and contact details, where your work can be seen, whether you accept commissions, and any other details you wish to display.

You may display up to twenty images on your page; you can include a portrait of yourself.  Most people start with four or five images and add more later.
Pictures should be submitted as JPEG files at as high a quality as you can manage, I will prepare and size the images for the web.  You can email the images or use a free file transfer website such as WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Your text can contain your biography, an artist's statement, a description of your work or methods, in fact anything you would like to say about yourself or your work, with a flexible limit of around 200 words.  Your contact details can include your email address, your phone number(s), your home or studio address, your website, your gallery location, or any or all of these.
Contact details are not included in the word count.  Don't forget to give me details of any current or future exhibitions you may be involved with, and any classes or workshops you  may be hosting; these will be added to our
events page at no further cost.

Your own personal web page on this web site will have a unique internet address (URL) which you can give to your clients to take them directly to your page without having to go through the home page.  This can be incorporated into your email signature as a live link, and if you have your own website it can be displayed as a live link.

  I would like you to check your page when we send you the proof very carefully for errors and omissions, typos and any other mistakes; I can alter anything very easily at this stage.  I understand that artists' work may change, be sold, or become out of date for your page in one way or another, and so I can incorporate changes to the images or text on your page (within reason) at any time for no charge. 

If you would like to join, email me using the following link:


  I will send you a check list of the information I require in order to make up your page.
Photographs should be provided as high quality as possible, I will set them up to the appropriate size for the page.  I can offer advice to help you with your images if you have any problems.
The costs have been kept to the minimum to cover the web hosting, setting up of your page, and maintenance of the site.
This is probably the least expensive and most effective artists' directory website you could find.
This is what I will ask you to pay:

Setting up your page, arranging your text, details, and photographs:  €50.00
No annual subscription, so this is all you pay.


Email me with the link above, send me your pictures and text, and any questions.

When your page is ready we will email you a link to enable you to view your page and check that the information is satisfactory.  When you have approved your page we will send you a request for the appropriate fee, and on receipt of payment your page will be published with a link from the home page.
  I accept payment via PayPal and can email you a PayPal invoice, (you do not need a PayPal account as you can pay safely and securely with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit and debit cards), or other payment
 methods can be accepted to suit you.

The Mizen Artists Directory was started in 2012 and receives a large number of visits.  Most of the artists can be found on page one of Google Search, and many at the top of page one, through thier Mizen Artists' page.  I optimise the web entries to be found by search engines, but this doesn't happen immediately but builds up over the weeks, so have patience.
This is the way search engines work.

Mizen Artists' Directory is not associated with any gallery, and we cannot negotiate with any galleries on behalf of our subscribing artists.

* Please note: it is not our policy to add watermarks to images submitted for inclusion on the website.
Images are scaled at very low resolution, making them unsuitable for printing.  If you wish
to have watermarks on your image you are welcome to add them yourself before submission.
The site calls attention to copyright conventions on every page.

All photographs and illustrations remain copyright of the artists and may not be reproduced in any form without permission