Angie Shanahanan

Angie Shanahan 1
Angie Shanahan Self Portrait
 Acrylic/Oil on  canvels  91cm x 81cm

Angie Shanahan, a painter in the narrative style, graduated from Crawford College of Art and design, Cork.  Her current practice involves landscape impacted by human presence usually set within that particular water defined place, the coast.
After graduating in the 1980's  she won a Taylor Bequest Award for painting, Vision Award selected by James White, Director of the National Gallery of Ireland, and Ciall11 Award, for sense of place.  She has had seven solo shows and been selected for group shows countrywide, including the Royal Ulster Academy and the Royal Hibernian Academy.
Angie continues to live and work in Cork and is a licenced studio member and Board Member  of the Backwater  Artists Group,  a member of of Cork Printmakers,  West Cork Arts Centre, and Visual Artists Ireland, and is represented in NIVAL, the National Visual Arts Library.
Angie Shanahan has collaborated with  writers and poets such as the late Derek Mahon.
In 2019/2021 she was invited by Hamilton Gallery Sligo to respond to work by national poets with a Sligo connection, for exaple W B Yeats.  This work has been exhibited with Hamilton Gallery in Sligo, Dublin, London, Berlin, and New York.
Her work can be found in private and public collections in Ireland and abroad,  examples being  Office of Public Works, Dail Eireann (National Government) and the United Nations Embassy in Washington DC.

Angie can be contactedby email: angieshanahan@gmail.com
Website: angieshanahanartist.com
Insta:  @angieshanahanartinstagram
Telephone: + 353 86 853 1632
And through the Blue House Gallery, Schull,
Mill Cove Gallery Kenmare, and Backwater Artists Group.

Angie's work can be seen by appointment in her studio at Backwater Artists Studios.
She is happy to accept commissions.

Angie's work will be exhibited at the following galleries:
June 21st 2021 - 'Cork Printmakers 30', Lavit Gallery, Cork.
'Meditations inTime of Civil War' - Hamilton Gallery Sligo.
Group Show, Blue House Gallery Schull
Members Show, Uilinn, West Cork Arts Centre.
August:  Home Ground, West Cork Creates, O'Driscoll Building, Skibbereen.

Angie Shanahan 2
When  the Tide Went Out - 1  
Acrylic on canvas

   AngieShanahan 4
Ebb and Flow  
Acrylic on canvas   80cm x 80cm

Angie Sheridan 7
Clear Island Wrack
 Acrylic on gesso panel 40cm x 30cm

Angie Shanahan 8

The following series of paintings and drawings started my fascination with stripes.  A dress inherited from one of my sisters in the 80s, "Satinsation" won a Taylor Bequest Award for painting.  I didn't wear the dress myself but it became my 'muse' and the linear element has influenced my work to the present day, through the vernacular architecture of corrugated iron sheds to the recent tent paintings.  I plan to create a catalogue of these paintings and drawings influenced by stripes.

Angie Shanahan 11
Oil on canvas   90cm x 70cm

Angie Shanahan 12
Boatyard Shack
Acrylic on canvas   95cm x 69cm

Angie Shanahan 3
When the Tide Went Out - 2  
Acrylic on canvas

Angie Shanahan 5
The Broken Forest is in our Children's Tears
Acrylic on canvas   120cm x 74cm

Angie Shanahan 9
Tidal Deposit
Acrylic on gesso panel   40cm x 30cm

Angie Shanahan 10
Tight Fit
Drawing on Ingres paper 

Angie Shanahan 13
A Disused Shed in County Cork
Acrylic on canvas   89cm x 69cm

The two paintings above are referenced  in Derek Mahon's Collected Prose, chapter Huts and Sheds, published by Gallery Press.

Angie Shanahan 14
At Swim - In Tune   Acrylic on Canvas   80cm x 80cm

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